Sunday, May 9, 2010


The Canadian Government plans to ban the light bulbs we have used for decades. Only mercury light bulbs will be legal and available to us. I can imagine light bulbs becoming like drugs, something people have to try to obtain furtively, like criminals.
Common sense would tell any rational person that, if a light bulb can cause injury in the short term, there will be disastrous effects over time. And then, in years to come, some government official will be saying "We're sorry. We didn't know."
I am allergic to the sun. If the mercury light bulbs are imposed on us, I will have to be completely covered up at all times. I will have to bathe in the dark, eat in the dark, go out of my house only after dark, avoid visiting anyone or going shopping because the only light available will be coming from the killer bulbs. I will even have to be totally covered in sheets in hospital.
In fact, I will have to live in the dark or die.
Politicians have protected the tobacco industry for decades, while knowing that tobacco kills. Now the politicians will add these light bulbs to the life-threatening dangers we must face.
Where can I hide?  How do we stop them ?
Phyllis Carter

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