Monday, May 24, 2010


I am fighting for my life and for justice. Quebec's Human Rights Commission 
says I am "too late" for justice.
It is not only young members of minority communities that suffer abuse at the hands of the Montreal Police. On October 7, 1996, I was sixty years old, living with my elderly parents while fighting breast cancer when I was attacked and robbed in my home at 4995 Prince of Wales, Montreal. I called 911.
The Montreal Police I called to rescue me - helped the thief instead.
The Montreal Police officer "helped" me out of my home, physically, and left me out in the street alone and destitute without as much as a coat. 
I have been pleading for justice day and night for thirteen years.
I have been ignored, delayed, diverted and rejected by those in authority.
Now I am told I am too late for justice.
I am 74 years old, widowed, and last year, I learned I have bone cancer.
Like the Nazis, Dawn McSweeney stole personal treasures and destroyed lives.
The fact that I had become a Christian gave Dawn McSweeney an excuse to pin a target on me. I never knew what hit me until years later when the pieces started to fall into place.  
Once I was out of my home, the thief had free and total access to all my most precious belongings day and night for five months. Dawn McSweeney stole everything of value that I had worked for all my life. 
This crime shattered my family. But it didn't end there. In 2007, the self-proclaimed "partners in crime" were still free to take everything that belonged to my parents and their heirs - their children and grandchildren.
Canadian Member of Parliament, Marlene Jennings, twice acknowledged publicly that my rights were violated three times by the injustice system but no one will help me.
The Montreal Police who turned over all my precious belongings and the lives and property of my parents to the thief did not file a report and the Montreal Police have refused repeatedly ever since to take any action against the thief and her accomplices.
Even when these criminals took my widowed mother from her home and kept her in total isolation for almost a decade, the Montreal Police refused to investigate.
It was only days after my mother's death in 2007 when I was taken from my apartment by the police again. 
Even when these criminals created a bizarre and malicious application for a court order to have me declared insane and dangerous, the Montreal Police would not investigate.
A judge issued the court order in four minutes without any medical evidence, without any witnesses but the criminals themselves and without ever speaking to me. 
The CLSC Pierrefonds apologized in writing for their part in these crimes.
Russell Copeman, MNA, appealed for justice - to no avail.
I have appealed to every member of government, every authority, every agency I could think of. I am told  "It is not our jurisdiction," "No one did anything wrong". "Get a lawyer."
These criminals are still free to enjoy everything they stole.
I do not want money or compensation.
I can't afford a lawyer.
I am not eligible for legal aid.  
What I want is justice. I want the criminals tried in criminal court.
I want the authorities to return everything Dawn McSweeney and her "partners in crime" have stolen from me and from my family - all my best jewellery and every personal item left to me by my beloved husband - and I want them to return to the family - not to me - my parents' property and money.  
Thanks to the Internet, I can tell the world about these devastating crimes in the hope of finding a hero - one honourable person who will read about what was done to me and to my family and care enough to take the necessary steps to bring Dawn McSweeney and her accomplices before an honest judge in criminal court and return everything they stole.
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Phyllis Carter
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