Saturday, May 15, 2010


Canada has laws, but we do not have justice.
Phyllis Carter
Fear me ! I have the most powerful weapon on earth and I intend to use it. My weapon isn't something you can buy, but it costs a lot. It is available to everyone all the time, but few people use it. It is simply - the truth. It is the weapon that villains great and small all over the world have feared through all of time. And I use it without hesitation or restraint, confidently, because it is right to do so.
I would never try to harm Dawn McSweeney even though she robbed me and shattered my family and has torn apart our lives. You see, Dawn McSweeney is already severely wounded. She was wounded as a child by parents who allowed her to do whatever she pleased, and by a sick grandmother and mother who taught her to believe in ghosts and tea leaves and crystals and little telepathic men in flying saucers who land in the back yard, instead of in truth and kindness and honesty and respect.
Dawn McSweeney grabbed everything I worked for all my life and stole every precious gift anyone ever gave me, every dear and personal thing that belonged to my beloved husband. She lied and manipulated and destroyed our family.
Most tragically, she allowed my parents to go to their graves with her lies and her crimes on their hearts and their family destroyed. At their funerals, Dawn wept bitter tears - the tears of a liar and a thief. Did she love my parents? Who knows what goes on in the mind of a person who can commit such atrocities against her own family and still write sweet poetry?
Dawn refused to take a police polygraph test after the robbery she committed on October 7, 1996, but I will gladly take a polygraph test at any time.
I have every reason to hate Dawn, but I have never approached her in all these thirteen years. I never even asked where she lives. I don't want to know anything about her except where it concerns what she stole.
My weapon is truth and, in spite of all the years of frustration and rejection, I will continue to trust in it and use it against every incompetent and corrupt person who is standing in the way of justice in this criminal case.
I have been told by the Quebec Human Rights Commission that I am now too late for justice. After being rejected and refused and denied for thirteen years, now I am told I am too late.
But I have fought for justice day and night all these years, and I will keep on fighting until my last breath. Our politicians refuse to take action against the criminals, but I will never stop until they do.
Canada has laws, but we do not have justice. That will have to change.
Phyllis Carter

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