Wednesday, October 22, 2014



1. Been a patient of Dr. Smoley's for over 20 years. During the past 5 years, he diagnosed a spot on my head as psoriasis; yearly, he prescribed different creams. This year, I changed Dermatologists. The new Dermatologist diagnosed this spot as basal carcinoma. I had Mohs surgery, skin grafting, etc. an unbelievable experience for the operated spot to close and heal. This suffering could have been prevented if only a biopsy was done years ago. So if something's not healing, see another Dermatologist!

2. Knowledgeable but his constant joking can get personal and quite rude. Thinks only of money. He burnt some moles and sun spots off me for $60 CASH ONLY and when they healed they were still there. You cannot return to see him about a problem as you have to wait months before the next appointment and if you complain he gets extremely rude. Looking for a different Dermatologist.

3. Twenty-six years ago, Dr. Lester Smoley told a young girl to use Accutane. She was worried and asked a lot of questions, expressing her concerns over the safety of the medication. But he assured her Accutane  was completely safe. Her beautiful hair started falling out by the hands full. Now, all these years later, she has been told that she will lose all her hair - permanently - because of the Accutane.

Thousands of people have sued the manufacturers of Accutane for the severe injuries to their health. But no amount of money can give you back your hair or other parts of your body damaged by that poisonous drug.


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