Saturday, March 23, 2013


Here are some ways you can help your children
understand a pimp's tactics:
  • A pimp will often single out a girl or boy who appears to be alone, apart from the crowd or without parental support/care;
  • A pimp does not typically look like a pimp, but rather like an attractive, fun, engaging and trustworthy person;
  • The mall has become one of the most common places for pimps to target pre-teens and teens;
  • A pimp will tell your child that he/she is beautiful, smart, unique and (often) misunderstood. A pimp will do everything possible to gain the trust of your child;
  • The seduction of your child may take months; but the pimp is patient, considering this as a business investment.

What You As A Parent Can Do

  1. Check your teens' phone -- know who they are calling, and monitor text messages.
  2. Monitor your teens' Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and have their passwords.
  3. Know the children your kids are hanging out with (and their parents).
  4. Always have a chaperon with teens while they are at the mall.
  5. Inform your children and community about the reality of trafficking: it spans every race, gender and neighborhood in America -- including yours.
  6. Have clear family rules such as: Under no circumstances are your children and teens to approach a stranger's vehicle; and your teens are to hang around age appropriate friends.
  7. Request your teen's give you their cell phone over night. 
  8. Use this website as an important resource for honest conversations with your children.

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