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Even when she was a school girl, Dawn McSweeney was always after money. My sister, Sheila and her husband, provided for our niece, Dawn's desires because Dawn's mother, Debbie, and her father, Ed, were not able to. Sheila and her husband took Dawn to the ballet and bought her clothes. But Dawn wanted cash money.
One day Dawn phoned Sheila and told her she needed money for school books. Sheila told her that her uncle would meet her downtown and take her to the book store and buy her what she needed. But Dawn refused. She wanted cash. Sheila told me she refused to give her cash that time because she believed Dawn wanted the money to buy drugs.
Ed McSweeney seemed a capable man at first. He wrote computer manuals for a big company. But Ed suffered from mental illness. He went through many years of treatments, made a few suicide attempts, and he finally left his job.
Thereafter, for years, he sat around the house smoking cigarettes, fiddling with computer parts and burning holes in the carpet and sofa. The walls and windows of their house were covered in a coat of brown guck and Dawn's poor little baby sister reeked of tobacco.
When Debbie first met Ed, I was suspicious. Debbie, was sweet and kind, but she was overweight and she was a homebody. As far as I know, she never had any friends, let alone boyfriends.
Ed was an American she met at Sir George Williams' College's "unschool". It was at the time of the Viet Nam war. I worried that Ed might be an army deserter. To protect my naïve "baby sister:, I checked with the U.S. Consulate. They told me he was not wanted, and I was relieved.
What I suspected, but did not find out until much later, was that Ed's parents were severe alcoholics. Furthermore, Ed's mother had spent some time in a mental institution. In later years, as Ed's father lay dying, he pleaded for another drink, and Ed's mother fed him the alcohol through a straw. So Dawn's father had a difficult background that I did not find out about until years later.
Debbie left Ed on at least two occasions that I know of. I helped her leave on one occasion, carrying the bird cage wrapped in blankets against the winter to a neighbour's home. Unfortunately, the poor bird died thereafter, and I felt so sorry for it. Another casualty of the McSweeney Tragedy. Sheila took Debbie and Dawn into her home on these occasions and provided for their every need.
But Ed threatened Debbie. He said he would burn the house down if she didn't come back. And so, meekly, as usual, Debbie went back.
Ed demanded Debbie give him a second child. Debbie was against it. But Ed threatened that he would go out and make a baby with a prostitute. So Debbie gave in and they had their second daughter.
There is one thing about Dawn McSweeney's upbringing that I reported to the police in 1996, but I did not make public. I think it's time to reveal that secret in the interest of bringing justice to my family ... the whole truth. 
I was told that when Dawn was a young girl, she would take showers with her father, Ed McSweeney. I was appalled. 
Her mother Debbie's excuse to me was that it was better for Dawn to know her father that way so she would not try to find out with other men. I was told to mind my own business.
Should I have reported this to the police as soon as I was told? Perhaps I should have. But I was grieving over the death of my beloved husband and I was too overwhelmed to deal with anything more. Ed McSweeney is clinically manic depressive. There was no knowing what would have happened to Debbie or to me if I brought the police into it at the time.
So you can see what Dawn McSweeney comes from and why she is what she is. I first became a target for Dawn's venom because I dared to speak up about her abuses when she was young, like the time she attacked a school mate with an iron fence post and the way she used foul language to her parents. 
Later, circa 1994, she envied the fact that I was living with my parents. In the summer of 1996, she was jealous that I had friends. She was angry that I became a Christian and she used it to turn my mother against me.
Read all the details at - http://dawnmcsweeney.blogspot.com.
If anything I have said or written is less than the absolute truth, the criminals in this case should sue me without further delay. I am eager to go to court and expose all the details of the crimes of Dawn McSweeney and those she calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog.
Since I was robbed by Dawn McSweeney on October 7, 1996, and I called 911 for help, the Montreal Police have refused to investigate these crimes and take the appropriate legal action.
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