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As I strive to seek out and report truth in the face of a world that wallows in lies, I sometimes come upon reports like this one. I was looking for reports about the sinking of the refugee ship Sturmer during WWII, betrayed by the British who would not let the refugees come to safety in Israel, cut loose in the ocean and sunk by the Russians, leaving one sole survivor out of thousands of Jews fleeing the Nazis. 
But what are we to make of this report I just found on the Internet in April, 2012? Nazi propaganda in the 21st century? No doubt. But I no longer have faith that "our side" are good guys, pure and noble and true. The lies continue all day long, every day, from every side, and it is painful and frightening to see the world as it is.
Phyllis Carter
Jewish Refugee Ships sunk by Jews and Their Western allied in May 1945.
The New Stürmer
Year 2003
Is every Abraham, Isaac, Ruth and Judith responsible for the suffering of the world? Yes, they have not protested against the evil their Jewish leaders do to us. We must hold all Jews responsible since none of them have said: "Do not attack these people!"
Dear kindred and fellow Aryans
This article I have had some help from good friends among whom is Dave Riviere.
In the late 1930's the Cap Arcona was Germany's most luxurious passenger liner that travelled the Europe-Sth America route.
Saving the Jews
In 1945 Allied Troops had encircled Germany and were advancing on all fronts. Reichsfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler was informed that the concentration camps were overflowing with prisoners and many of them were very ill with Typhus and other illnesses.
He ordered that around 15,000 Prisoners from the Concentration Camps in the north of Germany, namely Neuengamme, Belsen etc be put onto two ships lying in Bay of Luebeck, the CAP ARCONA and the slightly smaller ship the THIELBEK. The Prisoners were put on board these two luxurious ships and they were to be looked after by German Medical personnel. They were for all intents and purposes, Hospital Ships.
On May 3rd 1945, only 5 days before the war ended, a number of British Bombers attacked and sank the two ships, despite the fact that weather was clear and both ships were bearing Red Crosses, as signs they were Hospital ships. More than 7000 prisoners as well as many hundreds of German medical personnel died, either burnt to death or drowned. For weeks bodies of the victims were washed up on the shores of Luebeck Bay. I have posed a picture of some of the victims on my web-site under New Sturmer 2003 Edition. You should look at that picture.
This incident could has been put down to chaos of the last days of the war. But British Armour was only hours from rolling into the City of Luebeck and the war was obviously over, and where were these ships going to escape to anyway? They were unarmed and of no danger whatsoever to Allied troops. So it looked like just a major military BLUNDER if it hadn't been part of a sinister pattern.
During World War One. Great Britain had given Jewish Zionists the rights to Palestine and so, shortly after Adolf Hitler took power he decided to repatriate all Jews within his area of control back to Palestine and with the full co-operation of the Jewish IRGUN ZWAI LE'UMI he started deporting Jews from Germany to Palestine (now known as Israel. To the Arabs (Palestinians) however this was not a good idea and they threatened Great Britain that if they continued to let shiploads of Jews arrive in Palestine, they would cut off Great Britains OIL supply. Shortly thereafter the British Navy blockaded the English Channel and effectively stopped the flow. (You can reread about Hitler's pack with the Zionists on my web-site under 2002 Edition and "The Pact Between Hitler and The Zionists". I urge you to read that article.)
However both the Jews and Hitler were determined the Exodus should continue so they started sending off refugee ships full of Jews, from other European ports.
There is now a Museum in the Israeli town of Haifa dedicated to the 26 ships that took tens of thousands of Jews from Europe to Palestine. The Museum is also dedicated to the thousands of Jews that died during these voyages and that brings us to the six ships mentioned above, all of which shared a common fate.
All Ships were sunken either by Jews themselves or their Allies
The MEFKURA and the STURMA were sunk by Soviet submarines in the Black Sea.
The PATRIA was sunk by a Jewish Haganah Sabotage Team as it sat in Haifa Harbour.
The LILY, The CAP ARCONA and the THIELBEK were sunk by the British Royal Airforce.
Why is this not part of the Zionist/Jewish Holocaust history?
The sinking of six ships full with Jewish refugees from German concentration camps sunk by Jews saboteurs and Soviet should according to my understandings had been among the story the Jewish holocaust historians.
Beside being a crime against the Jews from side of Soviet, the Jewish Haganag Sabotage Team and Great Britain as they killed Jewish refugees, the things I have told in this article is also crime of war, a crime it is high time someone is held responsible for.
Crimes of war
The three ships bombed at Luebeck Bay had all Red Crosses painted all over the ships as signs they were Hospital ships. Still the British Royal Airforce bombed them.
When it come to the two ships sunk in the Black Sea they were also marked with Red Crosses on the side and top, and had a Red Cross flag showing the ship were carrying people under protection of the International Red Cross Organisation.
Even the two ships sunk by Jewish Haganah Sabotage Team were marked with Red Crosses and had Red Cross flags. Jewish groups knew the Germans had allowed Jews to emigrate to Palestine on board those ships.
None of these crimes have been taken up after WWII, neither have the international community condemned the crimes. Could the missing interest to condemn these war crimes be that it would show Germany had no Intention to kill any Jews during WWII?
Why did the International Red Cross not condemn the killing?? IRC was aware of the ships cargo - Jewish immigrants. Were IRC also afraid of the Jews after WWII??
German medical Personnel
Onboard the ships were a large number of German medical personnel - a personnel Germany could have used at home taking care of wounded Germans, but still the German leadership found it correct to send medical personnel to help Jews who emigrated from Germany to Palestine. The German personnel were protected by the laws of war according to the Hague Conference of 1907 and the the Geneva Conference. Why did the International Red Cross not act on behalf of the medical personnel??? Because they were Germans?
Does such a behaviour, sending ships with Jews away from Germany at the end of the war, from side of the German leadership indicate that they intended to kill Jews? I look upon you as intelligent enough to answer that question without any help from me.
Reichsfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler visiting Lodz ghetto
We have all heard the Jews saying how the Germans hated Jews before and during WWII. If you go to my web-site under New Sturmer 2003 edition and this article you can find a picture of Reichsfuehrer Himmler's visiting with the Jewish leader Chaim Rumkowski at the ghetto in Lodz on June 6, 1941. The photo can be seen if you visit the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
I have problem understanding how Reichsfuehrer SS Himmler would visit the ghetto in Lodz if he hated the Jews and wanted to kill them. If any of you understand please tell me.
To me this photo and the story I just have told you are pieces in the chain of evidence that the Germans never carried out any killing or gassing of Jews either before nor during WWII.
We should start asking the Jews for proofs - proofs that will hold out in a free court of law - for their allegations that the Germans gassed Jews in any camp during WWII or of all the other cockeyed allegations the Jews have said.
In the face of Chutzpah, Jewish audacity and swindle, resistance must be a national duty.
Heil og sael

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