Friday, April 27, 2012


April 27, 2012
Ange Richmond shared Fighters Against Child Abuse's photo.
As a society, we will speak out about gas prices, bitch about traffic, complain ...about a meal or a cup of coffee, and post our asses off by the thousands on facebook about a favorite contestant being voted off a reality show. On Monday this newborn baby was beaten to death...and you know what, the family knew the mother was suffering from depression because of an unwanted pregnancy! She complained about it, and made mention of not wanting this child! You know how long this little angel got to spend on this earth as a result of people not reporting or paying attention to this mom? An hour! One freaking hour! They found this child hidden in a box in the house with her husband. after the mom went to the hospital with heavy bleeding! They forced the pregnancy, then beat the child to death! People, the silence has to end, or we will never put a dent in this pandemic! We cannot ignore what we know, suspect or what the signs may tell us! This could have been avoided, this child could have been saved. But, people will continue to bitch about trivial meaningless bull ! So yes, take to the net because your fave was voted off Idol, gripe about your less than scalding coffee, or because you waited in the drive through to long...and lets let innocent lives be lost everyday! Why get mad at something meaningful...I mean it would only safe a life, right? Oh, don't forget to complain about this picture either! I am at my boiling point today! ~Joey

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