Thursday, April 26, 2012


We in North America are a namby-pamby society based on the New Testament command to love our enemies and to forgive them their trespasses "seventy times seven times". That means we forgive criminals of all kinds again and again and again.
Our legal systems find endless ways of letting criminals enjoy the good life for years, decades, while their victims are scorned, delayed, insulted, denied, and must suffer like Christ with the hope of reward in heaven - unless, of course, they are already dead and trying out first hand the promises about "heaven".
From the time little bullies are toddlers, we forgive and forgive, and they tear the wings off butterflies and set living cats aflame - a shocking sight I witnessed with my own eyes early one evening on a residential street a few years ago - and they grow up robbing corner stores and beating up women and children and smashing windows and burning cars. And we are told to forgive.
Until we have had enough pain and bloodshed, there will be no end to the tyranny commanded by the bible. Maybe when the children of politicians bleed, someone might reconsider the laws and their applications. But it would take more committees and more debates and more years of suffering, more robberies, more rapes, more beatings and more death - while "good" people thump their bibles.
Meanwhile, crime victims suffer day and night, year after year, some to the point of despair and desperate acts, including suicide.
Some raised to a state of uncontrollable rage and a thirst for revenge.
A few, sucking in the rage and expressing our revulsion for all the world to see, while our families and our health are destroyed from within.
And the police stand by eating donuts, or - as in my own case - physically helping the criminals.
Their hands, the police tell me, are tied by the law.
But who cares ?
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