Wednesday, April 25, 2012


During World War II, Montreal Mayor Camilien Houde went to jail because he did not want Quebec to fight the Nazis.
Anti-Semitism has always been strong in Quebec. But nobody wants to talk about it - as if by pretending it isn't there, it will disappear. And so the game continues over the decades as politicians and wimps try to compromise with those who have no intention of ever compromising.
Only the Suburban Weekly, the award-winning Quebec English language newspaper, reports the reality of Quebec's nasty underbelly - a movement that is always striving to smother the rights and the voices and any evidence of the presence - the very existence - of people who are not pur-laine - that is those with pure French roots.
Imagine Canada with a separate Quebec. Think about it. Think about Quebec's citizens who are not pure enough. People who have lived in, and laboured and served and contributed and sacrificed for this land for more than a hundred years - not only Jewish people, but also aboriginal people - and so many others the separatists menacingly call "the ethnics" - do not qualify as "pur-laine" by the separatists.
Denying it, ignoring it, gives the extremists time to plan. It can't happen here?
The Jewish citizens of Europe were such highly esteemed, educated, cultured, industrious people, so much a part of European society, they did not imagine where those freight cars were taking them.
Wake up !

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