Monday, February 7, 2011


One of the earliest stories I heard when I was a child was Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini aka Collodi. My father would read it to me from a twenty-five cent pocket book.
Snow White, Cinderella and Mickey Mouse are popular figures even today. But we don't hear much from Pinocchio. Why?
In the early 1880's, Lorenzini created Mastro Gepetto, a childless carpenter, who then created a wooden boy puppet to fill his loneliness. What made Pinocchio a figure of interest to me is the fact that he was designed to be a good son to Gepetto and so, every time  he told a lie, his wooden nose would grow longer.
Pinocchio went through painful adventures in order to learn not to lie and, by his good behaviour, he finally became a flesh and blood human boy - much to the joy of his father, Gepetto - and their creator, Carlo Lorenzini Collodi.
And so, as I prepared my supper this evening, I started to wonder yet again: What would happen if - for just one day, all over the world - anyone who told a lie would see their nose grow longer.
Imagine the chaos !

Imagine the fear !

Imagine the possibilities !

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