Thursday, February 10, 2011


February 10, 2011
Will you be single this valentine's day? Share your coping methods here
Robert H.
It wasn't meant to be romantic but to make the point of a certain % of mens reality come home and be acknoweldged. The harsh reality is whenever you see these articles in magazines or on TV shows or in the newspaper they always throw this '...successful woman' and loser man thing in your face and I'm god damned tired of it and ultimately it plays out in terms of expectations in relationships. Global economics has a massive impact on who is considered 'eligable' (women use this annoying term all the time to mean how much bread does this guy bring in already) and who ultimately isn't. Newsflash people::: economic circumstances shift over time and it could render your 'successful man unsuccessful and if that was a determining factor for terms of endearment then the relationship you have is just a better packaged arrangement then the temporary variety one can find at a truckstop.
To Robert H. - Times of trial have strong impact on relationships. But if two people are intelligent and really love each other, trouble binds them closer together. If the relationship is already flawed, it tears them apart, You have to ask yourself, Why are we together? If you love each other, nothing can tear you from each other's arms short of death. I know. I sat by my husband's hospital beds day and night for up to three months at a time. He was 34 years older than me and we were of different races and religions. We were never rich. I have no doubt everyone thought I was crazy. But we loved each other. And though he has been gone from my arms for 18 years now, I still love him the same way now as I did then. Hard times test your love. If your love is not real, that will be revealed by those tests.

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