Saturday, February 26, 2011

Women everywhere should be out in the streets protesting. Where, oh where, is justice ????? On the other hand, since the courts in North America favour criminals, there is still one choice. Maybe all that is left to crime victims is a serious vigilante movement. I am old and not well, but show me what I can do to help. 
Phyllis Carter
RISE UP IN ANGER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Good people are so damn nice and polite. Well, I approve of polite, but we are too nice. No one is afraid of good people. Maybe that has to change. In other countries, the people are taking to the streets. That's hard to do in Canada in winter, but spring is close and marches are called for. Huge protest marches ! No burning or breaking - just a lot of people protesting the injustice systems of the US and Canada. Crime is getting worse all the time. Why? Because our injustice systems protect criminals instead of the innocent and crime victims. See THE DAWN MCSWEENEY CASE - 
Phyllis Carter
SILENCE IMPLIES CONSENT. And those who sit on their high thrones are very silent about things that matter. I send copies of my posts and blogs to a long list of members of government. All I ever get back is automated messages acknowledging receipt. They are impervious, untouchable. Before I became ill, I used to attend political meetings at all levels of government - Montreal, Quebec and Canada - and I would stand at the microphone shaking and tell the pols exactly what I thought. Because of the robbery, my cancer returned and I can no longer do that. You who are still able must.
    Tyler Collins
    Thanks for all you have done for us Phyllis! Here in KY the auditor found that CPS was placing children in homes whose addresses matched those of registered sex offenders. I sent the governor a letter with my complaint...because in the news... article it said that the Governor was going to get involved. The governor sent me a letter back that said he was forwarding my letter to child protective services and thanked me for my interest.. LOL So I asked him to investigate CPS and he sent the letter to CPS. I have to wonder who is running the states and countries.
    Tyler, I am so pleased to hear that you have received a response to your letter. BRAVO for your efforts and thank God for some sign of reaction. Who holds the power? Anyone we allow to hold it. It is the fault of the people for not acting. No one wants to get involved. Everyone has their own problems. What's the use? We can't win. We are defeated before we begin. That is why the politicians get away with what they do to us - and with what they fail to do for us. My power is pretty much limited to the Internet now. But that is a super platform. Follow my blogs at PHYLLIS CARTER'S JOURNAL - - Building Camelot One Essay At A Time - and share this info with everyone - even people you meet at the cash at the supermarket. Spread the word. Good people fighting peacefully - but with determination - for justice are the hope of the world.
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