Thursday, March 2, 2017


The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation in Phnom Penh.

Out of every country I have documented in, Cambodia has to be the darkest. The cruelty that is seen. The violence amongst the fallen.
Today I return to structure the pieces - our economic development program (for slaughters who want to pull out of the industry), and our mobile spay and neuter initiative. The Cambodian government has urged its people to consume more dogs, as a response to an effort to curb the growing stray population.
This is the place that they cut their feet. The place they tie and bind their knees. The torture in which they see, worst then any other country. While much of the effort in regards to the dog meat trade is centered on China and Korea. Our heart lays, in the place where humanity has been erased.
(Found in a restaurant dog meat slaughter house, his feet were cut off for soup. In many regions of Cambodia, there is a shared belief that the feet provide strength, as well as virility.
In the back room when we arrived, there were eleven dogs. Only two were alive. All of them missing their paws. I rescued the surviving.)

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