Thursday, November 3, 2016

CHINA - SKINNED ALIVE, DOG ESCAPES BUTCHER, pet centric, #fightdogmeatThis dog is running through the streets after escaping a dog butcher. He has been SKINNED ALIVE! Look at his feet – you will see the brown fur left on his paws – the only fur left on his body. The dog is in Daqing City, Heilongjang Province, Lindian County.

He is running blind because the butcher had tied a plastic bag on his head. Because he cannot see, he would be easy for an animal rescuer to secure., pet centric, #fightdogmeat
Note the dog's paws still have fur on them, showing he was skinned alive.
As an animal rescuer myself, this is beyond painful to see and not be able to capture the dog and take him straight to a vet hospital for immediate medical help. I cannot begin to imagine the pain terror this dog is in.
I've seen a lot of horrific things in real life and in footage, but this is one of the worst. SOMEONE needs to do something for this dog! Please!
I would like to hope someone will rescue the dog, but I am doubtful because it should have already happened, and it hasn't so far. I will watch carefully for more information on this poor dog.
China (and Vietnam) do not have animal protection laws so consequently butchers can do what ever they want, and answer to no-one. Fight Dog Meat is preparing a campaign for next year, and poor animals such as this dog remind us why we must never stop fighting until these disgusting trades are ended and shut down for good.
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