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Brendan Woodhouse 
I apologise about the pictures displayed here, but the intent is to shock, because the situation in Yemen is nothing but shocking. But there's no propaganda here, and no one sided viewpoint either. If you've been reading my posts for the last year, then you'll know that I don't often post distressing images, but now is the time. I don't often ask people to part with their money either, but now is the time.
As I've been saying, for the past few days, I've put a lot of effort into finding out what's been happening in Yemen, and how to help. I'd really like to thank Martin Humphreysand Abdullah Karim for their input in helping me understand what's going on, and how we can actually do something about it. I'll also be completely honest. I'll never be an expert on Yemen. All I can say is that I've put hours and hours into reading about and investigating the state of play there, and I've also done my best to ascertain that any financial appeals are of a trustworthy nature. I've done my best, but the decision to donate is of course yours!
With all sides using starvation as a weapon of war, it really is the people that are suffering. My last post did my best to describe in a concise way who's doing what, but as I've said in my conclusion, none of that really matters, as there isn't a 'good' side to choose. Saudi Arabia, along with their allies (including us) are causing food shortages and famine in some parts, and the Houthis are sieging others.
It's important to identify a neutral and impartial organisation to deliver aid, because we're unlikely to be able to supply any aid shipments from here, especially with the blockades. I really think that we're best to support an organisation or two on the ground, who will buy supplies locally. So, due to the remoteness and difficulties of sending physical aid, we're left with little option but to supply financial aid.
Muslims In Need have identified a small local charity called Your Ability.
At the moment, the focus is on delivering food to places like Hodeidah (besieged by Saudis) and Taiz (besieged by Houthis). They are purchasing items locally and delivering food packages on behalf of Muslims in Need. Packs consist mainly of: 

Cooking Oil
They have provided photographic evidence of the aid being delivered. This will be included in the comments section below.
As I say, I've honestly done my best to ensure that the organisation on the ground are trustworthy. I have asked people who have lived there and spent a while online, checking them out. I've done my best!
I'm sure that you'll agree that the images are disgusting.
There is only one way that I can think of to help them. And that involves digging deep. I'm out of the country for the next couple of weeks, but when I get back, stand by for some sponsored event.
In the meantime, please feed the hungry!
Heres the link:
Thank you xx..

Note: Please check to ensure that this organization really provides for the needs of these people.

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