Sunday, October 23, 2016


Do Not Donate To Micky Serban

: We are a group of individuals who are deeply concerned with the activity of an unemployed animal 'rescuer', called 'Micky' Serban - full name Ana Mihaela Serban, operating in Dragasani Valcea, Romania. This page is to warn others NOT to donate to Micky Serban or her girlfriend Elena Oana and to ask you to help us ensure that she does not operate in ANY capacity as an 'animal rescuer' in the future. She also runs a group called Star's Legacy Sponsor Cats/Dogs And Fundraising. Please do not join or send donations via this group.
For over a year she has been asking for donations via Facebook to rescue numerous dogs & cats that she has found that are abandoned or sick.
Many people have raised thousands of pounds which should have been spent on food, meds, vet bills, de-wormer, flea treatment and vaccinations. However it now appears that this has not been happening.
When asked for receipts and photos of the animals Serban would always postpone, forget or ignore...
WE can no longer ignore. She recently claimed she was evicted & moved 250km away to be with her girlfriend, taking with her an alleged 67 cats and 20 or 30 dogs.
In a desperate attempt to find out the truth it appears that only 12 dogs were alive & left behind in her family home with no food - some were chained. We do not know if she was lying about the number of dogs or if some dogs died.
We have now arranged for these 12 dogs to be collected & they all have safe homes to go to. Following a vet visit all were shown to be severely emaciated - starved for a long period of time. The 67 cats turned out to be 19 of which 11 are kittens all of which are sick. She admitted to abandoning 16 cats. The sick & starving cats are locked within a garage at an unknown location, somewhere in Targoviste, Serban will not disclose where & despite there being an offer of safe home for these sick cats Serban refuses to let them go...The fate of the cats is at this time uncertain as our offer of help has been rejected.
After many efforts of many people we saved the poor dogs from MS's hell, and we are now raising funds to help them survive. They are being cared for by legitimate rescuers, receiving necessary veterinary treatments. Taking the dogs from this hell was an urgent matter as many were seriously sick and all were starved, which has led us to not having any enough funds to pull through with all the veterinary bills, food, vaccinations, foster place that needs to be paid. We need all the help we can get, we cannot get these dogs healthy and to their forever homes without your help!

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