Saturday, October 22, 2016


In the 1960's I brought a few my paintings to an art dealer on Bishop or Crescent Street in Montreal. The women looked at my pictures and sneered. 

But here's the surprise. She said "Anyone can paint and anyone can be successful if they have the right connections". She said she could make me rich and famous by displaying my art and sharing it with her many prestigious contacts in the art field. 

Here's the catch. She would do this for me IF I 
would ghost write her biography. Apparently she knew me as a writer. She said she was a Holocaust survivor and she needed a ghost writer. I refused and no one ever saw my art. 

Around the same era, I brought my manuscript, A PORTRAIT OF ASGAR AND THE PLIGHT OF KASHMIR to a Montreal publisher, Alfred Warkenten. He also wanted to make a deal. He wanted me to write a book for him exposing Israel as a criminal nation and he would publish my book about Kashmir as well. 

So I published my history of Kashmir on my own with an equal investment from my noble and modest subject, the Kashmiri Quran scholar, Sayed Asgar Ali Razwy.

If you have to sell your soul for "success", it will make life hell for you.

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