Monday, October 24, 2016


There are so many places in the world today where people are forced to live in dire poverty, aching with hunger, suffering with diseases and wounds, wallowing in sewage.
Sometimes it is the much-denied climate change. Sometimes it is the result of disaster, like earthquake. Much too often, the catastrophe is caused by MEN who insist that their cause, their "god", their grievance that justifies revolution, vengeance, blood-letting, atrocity.
Most often, it is the result of greedy people who have everything and want more. They worship money and have contempt, disdain, for the lives of others. They sit in ivory towers or desert palaces, immersed in beautiful art, dressed in finery, billowing robes, enjoying delicious morsels and illicit sex.
They are protected by blinders and body guards and great walls of glass and steel, machine guns. They refuse to wear hearing aids that might permit truth and the cries of misery to enter their minds. They have no hearts.
When a voice permeates the ramparts, a servant might hear and realize what is happening and take the life of the tyrant, but there are so many like him everywhere and very few heroes like Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr.
And so we watch the misery of the innocent on television and say, "How sad."
And the children starve and the women are raped and the blood of life pours out freely and profusely.
And the children die and the mothers are raped to create replacements, and the women obey and the men smoke their cigars and worship their glittering man-made gods.

Phyllis Carter

October 8, 2015

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