Thursday, July 3, 2014


I received a gift the other day. A friend brought me a clear plastic container marked "Peach Pie." The contents were four small, smooth, light brown donuts.
So I thought.
Late last night, I turned the lights back on and went to the fridge to indulge my craving.
I placed one of the donuts on a plate and sat down to watch late night TV.
Was I surprised when I bit into that donut !
It wasn't a donut. It was a peach. A delicious, juicy peach!
Now, folks, I don't know what to think or what to tell you. These phony "donuts" are scrumptious - but are they being misrepresented? And - more importantly - are they genetically engineered? No peach I ever saw looked like these "donuts".
What are we really eating? And are these delicious mutants safe to consume?
I think the public needs a straight, complete answer from Loblaw - President's Choice

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Phyllis Carter said...

We learn something new every day.
Saturn peaches, also known as Donut (Doughnut) peaches, are a variety of peach with white flesh and a flattish, round shape.
"doughnut peach", "paraguayo peach", "pan tao peach", "saucer peach", "belly-up peach", "UFO peach", and "hat peach"