Thursday, July 24, 2014


A government of the filthy rich who abhor the idea of universal health care - Only the rich deserve to live;
Swarms of illegal immigrant children and the filthy coyotes who use their lives for profit;
The economy  - wherein only one percent of the population deserves to live;
Sunnis, Shias, Gaza, Egypt;
Pakistan - our ally that shelters and supports terrorists and keeps women in darkness;
India and Thailand where little children are prostituted and their body parts sold;
The American military establishment that thrives on weapons and death;
North Korea - lobbing their little rockets here and there, just for fun; Their leader plays the people like tin soldiers. The Twilight Zone.
Ukraine with its Nazi heart and history; 
Russia with its macho KGB leader;
An anti-semitic Turkey;
Libya, Sudan, Congo - where life is cheaper than sand;
Mali, Somalia, pirates;
Mexico, Central and South America - the octopus drug industry;
Child trafficking for prostitution and the sale of children's body parts;
Saudi Arabia - the ally that treats women with contempt;
Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan,
Japan sitting on their nuclear poison and slaughtering whales:
Need I go on?
How can any rational person blame Barack Obama for not being God?

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