Friday, July 25, 2014


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If you are a driver in the Montreal area, beware of an idiot who looks like this image.
A couple of days ago, I was about to enter traffic from a driveway. I checked left. I checked right. I checked behind my car. I checked in front of my car.
I started to enter traffic slowly, when out of nowhere, a boy who looks like this, suddenly cut across my bow on a skateboard full speed ahead into traffic, across lanes, back toward the curb, jumped a curb and kept flying full speed on the sidewalk and then back onto the street full of heavy traffic.
If I had not seen him flash across my bow, he would have been mush, and I would have been blamed. The driver is always to blame. A senior citizen, female, would surely be blamed.
So, if you drive in Montreal, beware of this idiot. If you kill him, your life will be ruined and everyone will blame you, the driver.
Aside: If you are the parent of the idiot I am describing, do something before he dies.
Phyllis Carter

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