Tuesday, July 17, 2012


What you laugh at tells so much about who and what you are.
Consider this:
THE CALGARY STAMPEDE - As horses stumble and break their legs, the audiences for the Calgary Stampede increase and the fans enjoy the suffering and death with impunity. The Roman forum in Canada in the 21st century. Bring on the next victims. A horse can't refuse your offer of glory in blood.
AMERICA'S FUNNIEST VIDEOS - Little children fall on their heads and smash into fences and trees, animals are treated as slaves and put through a variety of tortures; women are humiliated, seniors are humiliated, and the program awards the worst examples with thousands of dollars in prizes for the most humiliating displays. And the audience laughs and applauds.
THE MAURY POVITCH SHOW - Women are battered, disfigured, crippled mentally and physically, even blinded by their abusive partners. The participants are caught in lies. They are promiscuous, adulterers, abusers, perverts, monsters.
The homeliest, most ignorant men and women are revealed to be the producers of many neglected, illegitimate babies.
On stage the women shriek and curse and tear at each other's hair and clothing. Their filthy epithets are blanked out but anyone can see what they are saying.
Burley men are assigned to keep the antagonists apart, but the patterns are repeated every day. The show is staged and the victims are encouraged to play the fools and are treated like cocks in a pit or bulls in the arena. Expendable. There are plenty more victims eager to get on the Maury Povitch Show. Their suffering is contagious to anyone with a heart and a mind. But the audience members laugh with glee and applaud the spectacle.
And Maury Povitch grins and laughs aloud as he rakes in a rich income from all the suffering.
Who are you ? What do you laugh at ?

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