Thursday, July 12, 2012


No one will talk about it, but anyone who enters the cancer waiting rooms cannot fail but be stunned by how many patients are waiting to be seen. It is an epidemic. Is there anyone who does not know a cancer patient? 
There are excuses like "an aging population". But I see too many lovely young women in the cancer ward, bald and linked up to all the chemo bags and tubes. At my hospital, thank God, we do not have to see the children. I could not bear it.
There are those who will say we are just finding more cases due to the spread of information and early testing. I don't buy it. When I was a kid, the lady down the block died of a "big tumour." It was a rare thing.
I believe the real culprit is the onset of electronic appliances - colour TV, bedside clock radios, computers, overhead wires - radio, TV, computer and cell towers overlooking our homes and apartments - electric equipment in our cars, little children sitting in front of computers from the time they can recognize a cartoon. And all the tests - X-Rays, CT scans, Bone scans. How many are wise and how many frivolous?
At school, the children are instantly surrounded by computers. They plug their heads into computerized gadgets and walk around with them attached close to their brains. They put the computers in their laps close to their reproductive organs and bladders.
We stand close over our electric stoves stirring our stew with our breasts and stomachs close enough to feel the radiating electric heat.
How can we escape the radiation? It is everywhere. Where can we hide? Most of us cannot escape to a pristine paradise. There isn't even a place where we can see the stars at night.
And Big Bucks plan to light up more commercial signs, open more nuclear plants, suck more oil out of the earth - to finance more radiation, so that Big Bucks can make more Big Bucks.
So what if cancer is rampant and people are suffering and dying everywhere, every day - and every night? To Big Greedy Bucks, we are just inconvenient statistics.
And no one is talking about it.

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