Saturday, November 27, 2010


From the moment I was attacked and called 911 on October 7, 1996, the Montreal Police started helping the thieves, Dawn McSweeney and those she so proudly calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog.
First, the policeman I expected to rescue me took me out of my home - physically by my arm - first telling me, in front of my assailant, that I could not take any of my belongings with me and I must never return home for any reason.
I was 60 years old and fighting cancer. The police left me alone in the street in front of the house without as much as a coat and they just drove away. Everything I owned was left in the house with Dawn McSweeney and her boyfriend, Alex Lavergne. And the police who were supposed to save me never even filed a report.
This was done to me without any legal process before or afterward, and with no justification.
Then, at the Mariette Police Station, the police told me that all my belongings would be returned to me if I would just be patient. So I tried to be patient and reasonable. My sister Debbie - Dawn McSweeney's mother - told me that all my things would be returned to me - if I would be patient - but if I did anything to try to get my things back on  my own, I would be responsible for killing my mother and my father. So I tried to be patient.
When Dawn McSweeney returned all my jewellery boxes - empty - in mid-March, 1997, the police at the Mariette station told me to go to the house and ask for my jewellery.
So I went to the house where I had lived for two years and where I had been robbed - and I stood on the icy steps pleading for my belongings and crying my heart out.
And Dawn McSweeney stood in the doorway and mocked me and laughed at me - and then she called the police. And those same two officers who had just told me to go to the house and ask for my jewellery quickly arrived at the house and told me to leave. The woman officer said she didn't want to have to arrest me. I begged her to arrest me since they would not arrest the thief. At least then, we could go to court. But finally, to keep the peace and be the good guy, I left - in the hope that the police would finally help me recover my belongings. But they never even tried.
In March, 1997, the police told me they could not go into the house where I had lived and been robbed without a warrant. Then get a warrant. No, they couldn't ask for a warrant because, even though all my belongings were still in my home and everything was clearly marked with my name and inventory numbers and I had given them the seven page inventory and all the documents, they could not ask for a warrant because no judge would issue a warrant unless he could be sure beforehand that they would find my belongings there. Montreal Police Catch 22.
In the summer, I learned that Dawn had a friend who was operating a jewellery store on Prince Arthur, I reported that to Det.Sgt. Sylvie Laverdiere. She  told me to go out and investigate myself and report my findings to her.
So I drove out to Prince Arthur and made inquiries and I wrote a detailed report to Sylvie Laverdiere. Laverdiere went to the house and standing outside on the front steps, the detective asked Dawn McSweeney for my Borg coat. And Dawn McSweeney gave her my Borg coat. And Det. Sgt. Laverdiere never did another thing to recover all my belongings from the thief.
And so it went. time after time after time - for fourteen years now.  The Montreal Police have found endless excuses to do nothing. To this day, they have taken no action to recover my belongings or to bring Dawn McSweeney and her partners in crime to face justice in criminal court.
But I still fight day and night for what is my own and for the return of my father's property to the heirs individually named in his own will - all his children and grandchildren.
And the Montreal cops keep copping-out.

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