Friday, June 9, 2017


I was attacked and robbed in my home at 4995 Prince of Wales, NDG, Montreal - with the help of a Montreal Police officer.
Montreal Police have been covering up the crimes of Dawn McSweeney and her friends since the day I was attacked and robbed - October 7, 1996.
I have been reporting these crimes to the police and members of governments and the media day and night from the moment I called 911, but the cover up continues to this day.
If anything I have reported is less than the absolute truth, why has no one sued me in  all these years?
There can only be one answer: I have told the absolute truth from the moment I called 911 and everything I have reported every day and every night since then is the absolute truth. I am available to take a polygraph test at any time. Montreal Police told me that the thieves have refused to take the test.
The criminals and their accomplices do not want the truth to come out in open court.
I want this case to be heard before an honest judge in a court of criminal law.
This is not a civil case. It is a criminal case.
I don't want money.  In fact, I am offering a $5,000.  reward.
I am fighting for the return of everything Dawn McSweeney and her accomplices stole from me and from my parents and from  my siblings and from their children - with the help of the Montreal Police. I want Dawn McSweeney to pay for her crimes.
I want justice. I will not settle for less.
Since I was attacked and robbed in my home on October 7, 1996 and called 911, the Montreal Police have been helping the thief who stole everything of value that I had worked for all my life and every precious gift I received from my beloved husband and others.
While I was being attacked, I managed to grab the phone and hold on tight and call 911.
The Montreal Police I hoped would come to help me - helped the thief instead, and since then the Montreal Police have refused to take any action against Dawn McSweeney, the police officer who helped her rob me, and her accomplices - who she calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog.
I have been reporting these crimes since the day I was attacked and robbed, but no one has seen fit to take any action to recover my precious belongings or to bring Dawn McSweeney and her partners in crime before a criminal court.
Because the Montreal Police refused to take any action against the thief and her accomplices, they went on to remove my aged mother from her home, and kept her in total isolation for almost a decade. The Police at the Somerled station refused my pleas to go and see my mother's conditions.
Two years before my mother's death, when she was about 92 years old and handicapped physically and mentally, a stranger named Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme, associated with Dawn McSweeney and her accomplices, created a new will in my mother's name.
Authorities at the Montreal Court House told me that my mother did not sign that will.
My 92 year old mother was somehow able to climb stairs to a notary's office, but she could not sign the will made in her name?
My mother could not climb up even two steps in her own home for decades. Yet we are told that, on that day, there was no elevator and my mother climbed up the stairs to the office of a notary she did not know. My mother was obese and very sensitive.  It would have taken two strong firemen to carry her up a flight of stairs. She would never have allowed it.
Kenneth  Gregoire Prud'homme - a man I never met or spoke to - who made this false will, also made an application to the Quebec Court in Montreal declaring that I was insane and dangerous. All these details are open to the world on my blogs mentioned below.
The new will gave everything that belonged to my parents and my father's heirs - named in his own will - children and grandchildren specifically named - and handed over everything to Dawn McSweeney's mother, Debbie - who suffers from narcolepsy and other illnesses -  and Dawn McSweeney herself - with Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme as the liquidator of my father's estate.
The thieves - Dawn McSweeney and the stranger named Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme, made the new will in my mother's name when she was physically and mentally handicapped. They stole everything my father worked for all his life - his home, all his life's hard-earned savings and every precious thing that belonged to every member of the family.
These crimes have cost me everything - all my most precious possessions, the souvenirs of a lifetime, my family and my health.
I am 81 years old now. This struggle for justice has drained the life out of me. I am fighting cancer brought on by this endless struggle. Still I fight for justice day and night with every bit of energy I have.
Dawn McSweeney and her partners in crime are costing me my life. And they are still walking free among civilized people.
Dawn McSweeney is a "Yoga Guru" in Montreal - giving "spiritual" advice to people who are unaware of her crimes. She is free to enjoy everything she stole with the help of the Montreal Police and the irresponsibility of those elected to protect the innocent.
These criminals destroyed my family and my life.
Marlene Jennings, Member of Parliament and former Deputy Quebec Police Ethics Commissioner, stated at two public meetings in NDG, Montreal in 2008,
" Mrs. Carter's rights were violated three times,"
But everyone says these crimes are not in their jurisdiction.
Details of Dawn McSweeney's crimes are open to the world at -


More than 400,000 people from Montreal to Moscow have read my reports to date, but there is still no justice for victims of the Montreal Police.




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