Thursday, September 1, 2016


So tell us, Mr. Trump. When you become President and you start purging illegal immigrants, how will you go about it?

Will you order the American army to go door to door in every city, village and town in the United States and arrest those immigrants - men, women and children - those millions you promise to deport immediately?

Do you have labels ready to sew on the clothing of each of those immigrants to identify them for deportation?

What will you do with their money, their farms, their homes, their vehicles and clothing and furniture, their stores? 
Will you seize all their property? If not, what will become of their assets? They may carry their money away with them, but they can't carry a house, a farm or a store.

How will you export the people? Freight cars? Will you provide food, water and toilets on the freight cars? The Nazis didn't.

So when you promise to deport those people immediately in their thousands, millions, do you have a real plan for the exodus - a substantial realistic strategy - or are you really all bluster and tweets Mr. Trump?

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