Friday, September 2, 2016


I have painful memories about the dental clinic in  the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. They pulled a tooth from the mouth of my darling husband when he was a few weeks short of his 90th birthday. He didn't have a toothache, but the doctors insisted that the tooth be removed because it was loose. 

I stood by Cliff's gurney with piles of gauze, sopping up my husband's blood for days. Cliff had been on Coumadin until three days earlier. The hematologist, Dr. Archie Rosenberg, said there was nothing to worry about. It was safe to pull the tooth. But nothing would stop the bleeding. My darling husband bled to death.

So anytime I have to see a dentist, I have to blank my memory. 

These days, the dental clinic at the JGH is modernized and I can't relate the bright new rooms to the one where my darling sat in a wheelchair after having his tooth removed. There didn't appear to be any problem. The procedure went well, but the bleeding could not be stopped. And here am I, having to trust I will be okay.

The young dentists who cared for me on September 1st, 2016, are amazing. I am comfortable on a modern lounge chair under the bright lights. Young Dr. Julie Arsenault is gentle and patient. She explains everything in the procedure and answers my questions. I am so impressed. 

Assisted by young Keley and Kim who are almost dentists, but not quite yet, Julie performs the most elaborate dental exam I have ever experienced. Surrounded by the three young ladies, I have a sensation that is surreal - angels. They were kind, respectful, friendly. All is well. But I must have my gums probed and cleaned soon. 

I am worried again.

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