Monday, April 8, 2013


Somewhere in the world
A child is dying every few seconds,
Of disease, birth defects, hunger, thirst,
Disease, sexual abuse, or bullet wounds,
Or being blown apart in God's name.
God must be so proud.
The filthy rich
Are stowing their wealth "offshore"
While demanding more and more,
And rejecting the cries of the Homeless,
And the Sick, And the Hungry.
And ignoring, at their peril,
The Abused and the Angry.
Police and Politicians
Hired to protect the Innocent,
Help the Criminals instead,
With the help of Criminal Lawyers.
And the world watches games and circuses.
People are eating dogs and horses,
And anything that has life, love and hope in it;
But not only the poor and desperate:
Rich Gluttons are easily bored
And must be fed new delights frequently -
Dogs, cats, bunnies, deer;
And perhaps, before long - 
Newborn Babies.
They are sweet and tender,
But mind the little bones
In their hands and feet.
They tend to be chewy.
Lunatics are in control of
The lives of millions all over the world,
And Lunatics who crave power,
Are killing the Innocent,
In their attempt to topple
The Lunatics who hold Power.
Gluttonous Corporations
Are poisoning our land, waters and air,
And those elected to protect us,
Are banking on their continuing success.
While millions of helpless women and children,
Are sold into slavery,
The authorities of the world
Form committees to discuss it,
And Lawyers line their toilets with gold leaf.
The United States - 
That brags it is the greatest, the best,
The most democratic, the most noble,
Has become a caricature of the wild, wild west,
Because Lovers of Power,
And those planning to slaughter the Innocent - 
Control the politicians with endless wealth.
What the world needs now -
Desperately -
Is many more
And so say all of us.
Phyllis Carter

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