Tuesday, April 16, 2013


April 16, 2013
What do you all think about this picture? Don't rage about it just want food for thought. The blood is to damn red.

 From Rise Against The Illuminati's photo.

who's this on the floor circled ?

for a guy who just got his legs blown off he doesn't seem to be that important to medical staff. and why hasn't the victims in his close proximity losts limbs and look no body parts lots of bright red "blood" . has no body watched the making of saving private Ryan ? lots of amputees used in that with added false damaged limbs. just put that into thought
Truth can be very hard to absorb, to accept. We would rather not see, not know. But we can't overcome evil until we look and see and absorb and think and feel. Then, when the shock subsides, and the disgust, and the rage, and evidence is considered, we can think and plan how to vanquish evil. Anyone who wants to "forgive" should stay at home and pray. Let real people deal with reality.
From Rise Against The Illuminati's photo.

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