Tuesday, November 6, 2012




1)  Quebec will now have its own time zone. We will be 1 hour and ten years behind the rest of America.

2)  The Office de la langue Francaise will hire 1.5 million new language police over a three year period. These new positions will be filled by the 500,000 Quebecers who lose their jobs in each of the next three years once our economy goes down the drain.

3)  Bill 101 will be amended to now restrict the use of English in households with more than 2 occupants.

4)  There will now be a new department in the government dealing with multinational companies looking to invest in Quebec. This new department will consist of a team of 2 psychologists who will assess the mental stability of the directors of the investing company and their employees wishing to relocate to Quebec and force their children to attend French schools.

5)  The new highest personal marginal tax bracket in Quebec will be increased to 58%. This increased rate will be phased in over 4 years, but in order to compensate for taxpayers who will relocate to other provinces or will now be making less here with a dead economy, the new highest marginal bracket in Quebec will be $ 30,000.

6)  Tuition freezes will be granted.  However Quebec Pension Plan payments will now only start when you reach the age of 90.

7)  Corruption laws will be introduced to ensure that any kick back arrangements between private industry and government leaders are now done so completely in French. 

8)  The cities of Hampstead, Cote St. Luc, Westmount, Town of Mount Royal, and Montreal-West will be merged into one mega city which will be called "A  vendre, pas Cher".

9)  The Quebec French Dictionary will have two corrections. Majority will now be defined as anything over 50% or over 15% if it's what the PQ wants. Also, The word racism shall now be defined as only meaning attacks or restrictions against the language or religion of the majority of the population in Quebec.

10)  Tourists coming to Quebec must be able to pass a French literacy exam prior to entering the province in order that we avoid those unpleasant instances when they are greeted at a store, hotel or restaurant in a language they don't understand.

Note: I cannot take credit for this item. It was sent to me and I decided to share it with everyone who understands   -  English.




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