Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Anyone who dares to say something negative about Islam may be risking their life.
But if you attack and rob someone because they have chosen to become Christian, no one in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, cares enough to take legal action against the criminals.
On October 7, 1996, I was attacked and robbed in my parents' home where I had been living for two years while undergoing treatments for cancer.
While under attack, I managed to call 911.
The police I hoped would come and help me - came and helped the thief, my teenage niece, Dawn McSweeney, instead.
My attacker was my own aged mother. The shock was indescribable.

The reader may wonder how my mother could have been persuaded to attack me, the daughter she loved.
Here is just one example of my mother's state of mind early in 1994, two years before she attacked me, and just before I moved back to Montreal and into my parents' home as my mother asked. My parents loved me and Dawn McSweeney resented that bitterly.
At the beginning of January, 1994, I was living in Ontario when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had the terrible task of phoning my mother to tell her the awful news.
My sister, Sheila, answered my mother's phone.
I was relieved. Now Sheila could tell my mother face to face. That might be easier.
Sheila told my mother I was on the phone and I had breast cancer.
Here was my mother's response.
She said she was less worried about my having cancer than by my having become a Christian. But she asked me to come home.
In 1996, my mother's attitude toward me suddenly changed. She was sullen. Strange. She would sit and glare at me. I was unaware of what Dawn McSweeney was doing.
At the beginning of October, Dawn McSweeney used my mother's despair to open the door to my parents' home, move in with her boyfriend, Alex Lavergne and, within one week, steal everything I worked for all my life.
A couple of days after Dawn and Alex suddenly moved into the house, my mother told me she loved Alex because he had given up his Catholic faith to be with Dawn,

Christ was the key Dawn McSweeney used to open the door to 4995 Prince of Wales and make herself at home. Knowing how hurt my mother was by my decision to be baptized, Dawn used my mother's fear to ingratiate herself and make herself and her boyfriend, Alex Lavergne, the heroes coming to my mother's rescue from the enemy within the house - me - the newly born-again Christian - the betrayer of the faith and the family.
Because of my mother's despair over my Christianity, Dawn McSweeney persuaded her to fear me and accuse me. Dawn did not hesitate to deceive my parents. I learned completely by chance a few years later that $2,000. had "disappeared" from the house sometime during the summer of 1996.
The fruits of the lives of a dysfunctional but loving Jewish family were wiped out by the machinations of a malicious, greedy, jealous teenager - aided and abetted by the Montreal Police, and supported by the negligence and irresponsibility and corruption of members of the Montreal, Quebec and Canadian governments, who still choose to look the other way.
These crimes are not in anyone's jurisdiction and no one is responsible and no one has done anything wrong.
Marlene Jennings, Member of Parliament and former Quebec Police Ethics Commissioner stated at two public meetings in Montreal in 2008, "Mrs. Carter's rights were violated three times." But to this day, the Montreal Police refuse to take any action against these criminals.
I am offering a $5,000. reward for the arrest and conviction of Dawn McSweeney and the return of everything she stole from me and from my family - with the help of the Montreal Police.
October 9, 2012

Now with more than 60,500 readers around the world
And still no justice in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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