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In the October, 2012 of The Senior Times newspaper in Montreal, the headline on page 3, reads -
" Weil gears up to fight for diversity and individual rights."
A perfect example of politico-speak.
I am a crime victim. I have been pleading for justice day and night since October 7, 1996, when I was attacked and robbed in my home at 4995 Prince of Wales, NDG, Montreal, Quebec  - with the help of the Montreal Police.
I have personal experience with Quebec Liberal, Kathleen  Weil - if you can call it "personal" since she has never spoken with me - and with Isabelle Morin of the NDP.
Both women have done absolutely nothing to help bring me justice. 
I am that "individual" citizen that Kathleen Weil claims to be fighting for. You can read for yourself here what Kathleen Weil and Isabelle Morin have offered me by way of "justice."
"Sorry. Help yourself. "
The commercial newspapers report the glories of politicians. I am telling the world the true experience of a crime victim and her family in Montreal. Quebec, Canada.
Read these detailed reports idealists and dreamers, and weep for justice. There is justice only for the rich in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
February 29, 2012
After all these years, finally an answer from Quebec member of Quebec's Legislative Assembly, Kathleen Weil.
I believe Kathleen Weil had her secretary send this message today because Isabelle Morin, Member of Canada's Parliament, wrote to me saying these crimes are in Kathleen Weil's jurisdiction.
After I have pleaded for justice for fifteen years, (Update October, 2012 - Sixteen years this month - this is the response from Quebec MNA, Kathleen Weil.
Read it world, and weep. This is Justice, Quebec style.
The message is simple - In Quebec, it is survival of the fittest and the richest. We, your government, make it as difficult as possible for crime victims to see justice done.
Furthermore, you are now old and sick and living on your old age pensions. You will probably not live long enough to see the case tried in criminal court. Don't waste our time. Get a lawyer. (See originals on this blog.)
But I will fight on, day and night to my last breath. I will never pay a lawyer to do what the State, the Crown, is supposed to do when a person is attacked and robbed - with the help of the Montreal Police.
Phyllis Carter,
Crime Victim,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
February 29, 2012
Mrs. Carter,
On behalf of Mrs. Kathleen Weil, MNA for Notre-Dame-de-Grâce and Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities, I acknowledge receipt of your February 21st email concerning the robbery you experienced in 1996.
As Ms. Morin said in her letter to you, this is an issue that should be pursued with a lawyer and, if necessary, in court. Government representatives cannot get involved in legal and criminal disputes, not least those that may go to court. That said, I have spoken to a lawyer and gave her the basic details of your case. She responded that, especially given the fact that it happened over 15 years ago now, the viability of your case depends largely on what hard evidence you have gathered. Unless you have very strong evidence - for example, eyewitness accounts or paper trails - it is unlikely your case will make it far in court. That said, if you feel you have substantial and incriminating evidence, I invite you to contact the Quebec Bar at 514-866-2490; they may be able to direct you to a lawyer willing to handle your case.
Best wishes,
Christian Arseneault
Attaché politique / Political attaché
Bureau de la députée de Notre-Dame-de-Grâce / Office of the MNA for Notre-Dame-de-Grâce
5252 de Maisonneuve Ouest, bureau 210
Montréal (QC) H4A 3S5
(514) 489-7581
Read the detailed reports of these crimes at


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