Wednesday, October 31, 2012


If your God is the only true God
And better than my God,
All who believe as you believe
Should be healthy, wealthy and happy.
Why then do your people get sick and die?
Why are they killed
By earthquakes, fires, floods, disease -
Acts of God ?
Oh, yes. Because they are sinners.
If the God my people believe in
Is the only true God,
Why do we get sick and die?
Oh, yes. Because we are sinners.
And so the eternal Cop-Out continues.
In this way, a handful of powerful individuals 
Around the world - in cities and in jungles -
Maintain control over the minds and wealth
Of billions of not-so-smart people.
If you ask these questions, as I have,
You will be told, as I was, 
That you are a trouble-maker,
Sent by the devil.
Now, let us imagine what would happen
If one day,
Ordinary people started to wonder -
What if we did not spend our nation's wealth
On guns and planes and ships and bombs?
What if we just stopped killing
In God's name?
What if all those killed in battle
Were still alive ?
What would we do with all our wealth?
Trillions of dollars and billions of lives
Could be devoted
To health care and education,
To growing food,
Instead of building bombs.
We would have trillions of dollars
To repair roads and bridges.
Trillions of dollars to provide
Homes and schools and medicine
For all who need them.
And all those people
Who were slaughtered
In God's name ...
Imagine them home again,
Enjoying a good meal with their family.
If you dared to question -
If you dared to speak your mind;
If you dared to speak to your neighbour.
You might learn that your neighbour -
Feels the same way you do.
And the only true God -
Might breathe a sigh of relief.

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