Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Good philosophers, like eagles,
Fly alone
And not in flocks.
I believe in freedom of religion - 
As long as the practices of that religion
Do no harm or injury to anyone -
Human or animal.
I believe in capital punishment -
For premeditated murder,
And for physical or sexual abuse -
Especially of children.
I believe castration
Is the right punishment for rape -
Especially the rape of children.
That rapist will not rape again.
I believe -
That each case must be judged
So as to consider ALL the facts,
Not just "admissible evidence."
I believe that trials and evidence
Must be open to the public,
Without delay,
Not someday,
When damage cannot be reversed.
I believe there are cases of
"Justifiable homicide",
And care must be given in judging.
Criminals must not be excused
For their crimes under the guise of
"Temporary insanity", or age.
I believe we must hold
Police, lawyers, judges and politicians
Accountable to the People
For their actions,
And their deliberate or negligent failure
To act justly.
Anyone can make mistakes,
But I am not speaking here
Of mistakes:
I am speaking of evil, greed, malice,
Complicity, corruption and irresponsibility.
Those who hold lives in their hands
Must not be allowed to use their power
To harm the innocent,
Using excuses
Like "national security," for example.
I believe that torture
May be justified -
When there is clear evidence that
Lives are in real danger.
But I also believe that anyone who
Abuses the innocent,
Using laws
For personal or corporate gain,
Should suffer severe consequences.
I mean "severe", not just monetary.
I am devoted to Justice for everyone,
Human and animal,
And for the Earth,
Our only home.
The punishment must fit the crime !

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