Thursday, May 10, 2012


As long as there are three people in the world, we will have politics, greed, hatred, dissension, conflict, suffering and misery. 
If there were two, there could be love - and maybe war - and then maybe love and cooperation - when they realize which is agony and which is comfort and delight.
If one were alone, he or she would suffer loneliness and deprivation. But if one survives alone, he/she might find a source of strength and purpose and evolve and grow and create good things. But there would always be the loneliness.
But with three, there can never be peace. Unless, perhaps, the third is the holy spirit. We can only imagine. Is that the holy spirit, given for our good? 
We can choose to make the effort, to take personal responsibility - so rare these days - and contribute something good. Any individual, young or old, rich or poor, healthy or not - can contribute something.We are each a part of the Great Puzzle, each endowed with gifts. We can choose a quest - to seek out our own gift and use it well.
No one can prove there is a loving God. We can only hope. Honest leaders tell the truth. Those who seek personal power, riches and glory, lie to the multitudes and sell them for cannon fodder.
( I feel I am being led here as I write this in the  middle of the night. I did not set out to write this piece.)
Some create an evil god and then blame their idol for the bloodshed and misery borne of their own actions. They take the words of their "good guide books" and twist and manipulate them to suit their own purpose - to gain personal power over multitudes of people - and their wealth - and their bodies and their minds and their blood and their destinies.
There is no doubt there is evil in the world. Real, palpable evil. We see it every day - and we can choose to become "It" or expose and reject it and - if we are able - to fight it without ceasing - but without violence.
Truth is the most powerful weapon and villains fear it
Don't sit around and wait for Divine intervention. Each of us has a purpose. Make your purpose be a blessing and not a source of greed, arrogance, pain, shame, sorrow and grief.
And that, dear children around the world, is my sermon for tonight. Make of it what you will.
Are you a gift to the world - a joy and a comfort to the weak, the sick and the poor? Do they bless your name when they go to sleep at night ?
Or are you a greedy, selfish, arrogant, perverted leech who goes about lying and hurting the innocent in God's Name?
If the latter, consider your future. Consider the darkness. It is endless.

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