Thursday, November 10, 2011


As Remembrance Day approaches, there is much discussion and debate about the wearing of the Poppy and about wars - past and present.
If we knew what was really behind wars, we might re-think everything.
There are legitimate wars - where we have to defend the innocent - as was the case in World War II, and is in the defence of Israel where the enemy has declared the clear intention of driving the Jews into the sea.
At times, we have only one right choice - to defend the innocent.
And yet, in Africa, for example, "our side" goes to war to defend oil, but looks the other way and shrugs its collective shoulders while babies starve and women and children are raped and people are butchered. No oil, no defence.
One is too many !
It is easy to generalize and ignore the facts.
War is so horrible, so unjust, so devastating and painful, that when we speak of war, or make decisions about war, we have the intense, moral and ethical obligation to think first. To really think.
So much that makes a war has to do with Big Money wanting to make more money.
The men, women and children who suffer and die are expendable statistics.
It is not just about poppies and poetry. It is much more than that.
No oil ?    No water !


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