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November 9, 2011,
Here again we see how law enforcement in Canada passes the buck. Here the representative of the RCMP tells the crime victim to ask for help from the police who helped Dawn McSweeney to rob her family. We are not responsible. This is not our jurisdiction.
The reader will see that this is the same answer I have received through the years - from the moment I was being attacked - from the Montreal Police, from Quebec's Droit de la personne - the so-called Human Rights office - and from every elected official and every government authority that one would expect to exercise the protection of crime victims.
In Montreal, Quebec, Canada, nobody is responsible,
Justice is nobody's business.
Canada's injustice system is designed to wear down crime victims until they just give up. But I have been fighting for justice day and night for 15 years, and I will never give up.
I want what was stolen from me. I want the thief and her partners in crime to return everything they stole from  my family. I want the criminals in prison. That would be justice. But the Montreal Police refuse to take any action to recover my belongings from the thief or to bring her and her accomplices before a criminal court.
The Montreal Police do nothing.
No one can give me back the years I lost with my parents because of these crimes. No one can give me back my health that has been destroyed by these crimes and the endless frustration of pleading for justice. But I will get back my precious valuables.
There will be no peace for anyone until there is justice.
>>> PHYLLIS CARTER - 11/3/2011 7:11 PM >>>
Many years ago, I went to your offices in Westmount, but I was not allowed to see anyone but the receptionist on the main floor. So I left a file with all the information about this robbery with the officer behind the glass. I never heard form the RCMP.

I continue to demand justice. I know you will say, "This is not in our jurisdiction." Everyone says that. But one of the most important things Dawn McSweeney stole on October 7, 1996 was my husband's New Jersey Deputy Sheriff's badge, and even though it is an American badge, I am hoping that the RCMP has some interest in justice when an honourable servant of the law has died and his badge has been stolen. You have access to information that might help in this case. Please do not close your eyes. Help me. You will find all the details of this case at  and
In a message dated 09/11/2011 7:47:02 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Thank you for your email dated November 3, 2011.  You are correct that the RCMP does not handle this type of investigation in Quebec.  The only suggestion I can give you is to contact your local police department, or call Info-Crime Québec at 1-800-711-1800. 
Karen Ziezold, S/Sgt. - s.é.m
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