Saturday, May 20, 2017


Aurora Rodriguez Sanchez 

El personajes que aparece en esta foto, HA MATADO A SU PERRO CON SUS PROPIAS MANOS, en la ciudad de Linares, este pasado fin de semana. los vecinos, ...

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The character that appears in this photo killed his dog with his own hands in the city of Linares this past weekend. The neighbors, did nothing. 

You could hear for hours the punches, cries and moans of the poor animal, until this man without a soul decided to end the life of the puppy by throwing him from the balcony of his house. 

The animal stayed on the ground in agony until his death. 

The most amazing thing about this is that the penalty imposed by the judge has been used to pay for the incineration of the poor animal. 

Share this report. I'm asking everyone to face the abuse.

Note: those who abuse animals would be just as happy to abuse children, but the punishment might be more serious.

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