Saturday, May 20, 2017


May 20, 2017.

I finally received a reply from the Jewish General Hospital concerning the security guard. It is a letter dated April 28, 2017 and signed Maude Laliberte, pht MSc phD (c).

It is a long letter that reads like any lawyer's letter. It all amounts to this - "We didn't do anything wrong." The legalese makes it sound like they did a thorough investigation and they really care, but the conclusion is always the same. The hospital did nothing wrong.

Even when Dr. Jerome Stasiak * almost killed me, the hospital defended him.

In conclusion, if you are abused at the Jewish General Hospital, do not expect justice. The hospital is an institution. Its primary interest is to defend the corporation. The doctors, nurses and other workers may work their hearts out to try to help and to heal, but the government of the hospital is about business, and they will always, in very diplomatic lingo, blame the person who complains.

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