Sunday, July 3, 2016



17 July. Korean Boknal is 20 times bigger than Yulin Festival. 1.6 million dogs will be slaughtered in these killing days. Adolf Hitler would surprise at the one-time massacre number and cruelty of Boknal. Remember Boknal. Don't be fooled. We can't save these 1.6 million poor dogs by heroism of a man who rescued several dogs. Stop the show!! We need a solidarity more. We must change the law, pressure the Korean Government, and boycott everything from Korea. Protest in your streets. One person protest is OK. And speak out your voice via all social network media. Make anti Boknal images and distribute it all over the world. If you meet Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese in your cities, shout "stop dog meat eating!" loudly. Boycott everything from dog eating Asian countries!! Only fighting against evils can stop dog meat trade. Do not purchase dogs from dog slaughters without it's shutdown. It's a scam for donation. Don't be deluded. Strong protest is more important. Let's start this movement from the street you live in. Boknal is 17 July. 

Phyllis Carter - I have Korean friends. They are highly educated devout Christians. I can't imagine them living in the same country as these savages.

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