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October 23, 2011
HOW CAN ANYONE COMPARE THE OCCUPATION MOVEMENT WITH THE REPUBLICAN TEA PARTY? The Tea Party is the party of gluttons who care nothing for the common people. The occupation IS The People struggling for justice and a loaf of bread.
"When you word it like that, I totally see the similarities. Both are a joke and a waste of attention ."
The author of this quote on Facebook is apparently so ashamed of what he or she wrote that he or she has threatened me with a lawsuit for quoting him or her.
This panic at seeing his or her quote repeated, confirms what I have said. Truth is the one thing that bullies and tyrants fear. Rather than waste time distracted from the real issue, I am deleting the name of the author of the quote and allowing the truth to stand alone.
However, if the author wishes to claim his or her quote, I will gladly publish his or her name - which is a very generic name and might apply to thousands of people. So, now to the real issue.
People who mock the efforts of legitimate protesters are the cause of much of the world's miseries and injustices. Whenever in history little people have tried to speak out for justice, a Nazi or a Cossack has kicked them to the ground and crushed out their lives.
You are the people who cause so much harm, do so much damage and tear apart so many lives. You pretend to be clever and smug, but you who mock legitimate protest are the puppets of tyrants.
But multitudes of people all over the world are starting to see you for what you are, you emissaries of deception and destruction. The ordinary people who tend to be shy and fearful of speaking up for justice are starting to wake up and to resist your malice  and mischief. I know those sadistic characteristics from personal experience. The thief, Dawn McSweeney, and those she boastfully calls her "partners in crime" destroyed my family out of jealousy and greed using lies and manipulating the weak and naive. Even manipulating the Montreal Police - implicating them - so that, to this day, they are still covering up her crimes. I see the same characteristics being used by villains on a world scale.
It took decades for the selfish tyrants all over the world to destroy millions of people and horizons of flourishing land and fresh water. Their efforts were very successful for generations because the people were uneducated and timid, fearful - and , yes, greedy. If you turn in your Jewish neighbours to the Nazis and their allies, you can take their farms, their shops, their homes, their jewellery, their art, and even their lives, with impunity. Why not. 
The masters could destroy the lives of the innocent at will without resistance because the simple people were afraid and weak and poor and divided against each other and isolated. But no more.
Now is the Revolution of Truth. All kinds of people are reaching out to each other - teachers, students, the elderly, people of many races - and they are standing together against greed and cruelty and injustice.They are no longer silent. You cannot put the genie back in the bottle again. The people are awake !
And they are no longer alone, because good people at all levels of all societies are joining them. First the weakest among us, the child stands up and utters the truth. as children do. "Why, Daddy? Why are those people so dirty? Why are those children so skinny?" 
Then those who are fearful become ashamed and they too stand up - hungering to cleanse their souls - thirsting for dignity - one at a time, thousands at a time - millions waiting to stand up against oppression and injustice, with the single most powerful weapon on earth - TRUTH.
Here are some of the things I have learned about truth:  You can deny it, suppress it, distort it, try to discredit it, try to shame or intimidate or silence the one who tells it. You can hide it under a pile of lies and deceptions. You can find associates who will help you smother it or heap dirt or ridicule on it. You can shove it under a bushel basket and sit on it. But the truth about truth is that it is always true. And it will shine through.
Beware you who mock the quest for justice.
Truth is shining through !
There is nowhere you can hide from it.

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