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The reader will find more than 200 articles here. All have one focus - justice.

There are no games or recipes to be found here. Only first-hand reports and essays that are presented to share truth with those who are seeking it earnestly.
The topics of my essays include detailed reports of crimes and abuses in our injustice system - by the police, the courts, the so-called "human rights" organizations and politicians. You will read about specific crimes to which I was a witness and about abuse victims for whom I have been an advocate.
There are also first-hand reports of abuses and life-threatening negligence in a Montreal hospital. You will find a chilling report on how an experienced emergency room doctor almost killed me and how a caring, brilliant oncologist saved my life.
You will also find personal stories about several very special people whom I have known and loved, people who deserve to be remembered, fondly. I share these stories with you to keep alive the memories of these precious people who have brightened my life, encouraged and inspired me - Buck Fortin, Michael Steeler, Wally Aspell and Bobby Beale to name a few. And my father, George Rubin of Metropolitan News Agency in Montreal, who taught me just about everything that made me the person I am.
You will find excerpts from my book, A Portrait of Asgar and The Plight of Kashmir, a true report about my experience with a very brilliant but modest Islamic scholar, Sayed Asgar Ali Razwy, and the history of the land he so loved - that troubled paradise, Kashmir, torn apart for centuries by conflict.
You will find detailed, graphic reports of the robbery by Dawn McSweeney that destroyed my family - with the help of the Montreal Police - and reports of my experiences as a private investigator for West End Investigation and Pinkerton, and as a singer on stage with my beloved husband, Cliff Carter, Mr. Nostalgia of RCA Records and Thrill of a Lifetime. I share with you our true love story in the hope that you may believe in real love and seek to share it.
You will read my report of my strange encounter with Charles De Gaulle at Expo '67, and my experiences during the October Crisis. What is a Distinct Society? Free Man Chokes on Force-fed Language.
You will read about my encounters with politicians and musicians and adventurers -and scrappers like me, who insist on making the world just a little better even when everyone else scoffs and goes back to sleep.
You will read about how, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in the Twenty-first Century, a little gang of criminals that call themselves the "partners in crime" were able to obtain a court order declaring that I was insane and dangerous. Read about The Phyllis Carter Detention and Condemned in Four Minutes - in Absentia. Read the hate messages posted on my blog by Alex Lavergne, Dawn McSweeney's "partner in crime." written under the nom de plume The Ink.
And you can read about Member of Parliament, Marlene Jennings, who stated twice at public meetings in Montreal in 2008, "Mrs. Carter's rights were violated three times."
Montreal Police Dodge, Stifle and Bury Vital Reports - When Sabrina tried to start a tenants association in a tenement on Pierrefonds Blvd. in the West Island in Montreal, she nearly lost her life. It turned out the janitors were members of a motorcycle gang known to police. But the police Sabrina summoned to the scene failed to make a report of the attempt to burn her alive in her car in the building's garage and even the Montreal Police detectives providing protection for Sabrina and her husband were dismayed when the criminals walked away from the court room smiling.
Sabrina's case was extreme, but I also served as advocate to a young student couple, Xiuwei and Xiaolin, who had just been welcomed as new Canadian citizens when their slum landlord in Cote des Neiges showed them that Canadian "justice" was not much different than that of the land they had fled. Read - Quebec Courts - Let's Make a Deal.
Who Can You Trust? For five years, I sponsored a little girl in Ethiopia. Then one day I received a letter from World Vision telling me that "the project" was over, and advising me to choose another child to support. I know how I felt when I read that letter. Choose another puppy? I can't imagine how the child and her family felt. I fought like crazy to be allowed to keep in touch with Etagegne Birhanu. But World Vision refused. I am a senior citizen living on my government pensions. I do not
finance "projects". I just wanted to help one little girl in Ethiopia. Where is she now?
I have published an index of the archive for the convenience of the reader. It is a cornucopia that offers information, personal experiences, insights, encouragement, inspiration, delights and - above all - truth.
I write day and night - sharing truth with those who love good people, animals, the earth and justice. I write for those who have a conscience and a heart, and for those who have felt alone, victims of injustice and helpless in the face of a cold, cold political system. I write for you who yearn for change and who may now consider how you may cause the change you desire.
Dig in here and see what may inspire you to change your life. Will you pick up the Sword of Truth and fight for justice too?
Phyllis Carter

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