Saturday, December 4, 2010


The founder of Wikileaks is a wanted criminal as I write this. Whatever his true motives, authorities all over the world are seeking to silence him - because truth is a rare and dangerous thing that upsets those accustomed to lying.
My nights are filled with anguish as I remember the robbery that tore my family apart. No sooner do I turn off the television and try to fall asleep than the memories of Dawn McSweeney's crimes close in on me and my soul cries out for justice. I am driven to report Dawn's crimes in precise detail in the hope of finding one honourable person in authority in Canada who cares more for justice than for money or power. I have been searching for that person, like Diogenes, for fourteen years.
I have been ostracized for pursuing justice in this case. People who should be fighting by my side have distanced themselves. The truth frightens them so much that they prefer to sacrifice what is rightfully theirs rather than come forward and report what they know. Ask them directly and they will say they don't know anything - because telling the truth is risky. Having been robbed, they prefer to hold on to what they have left rather than fight for what has been stolen from them - and from others.
One who was also robbed by Dawn McSweeney sent me an email in a 32 font begging me to stop reporting Dawn's crimes. Why? Because someone might harm Dawn. No expression of concern about what Dawn has done to the writer of the email or to me or to my parents. No concern that the culprits or some madman might harm me.
I have done nothing but report the absolute truth for fourteen years. The Montreal Police who helped Dawn McSweeney rob me continue to ignore my pleas that they recover my stolen belongings and bring Dawn McSweeney - and those she proudly calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog - before a judge in criminal court.

If I have been telling anything but the truth for fourteen years, surely Dawn McSweeney and her partners in crime would have sued me long ago. But they have not. To do so would mean that they would have to appear in court and clearly, they do not want to see that day. I hunger for it.
Montreal Police detectives told me in March, 1997, that Dawn McSweeney and her partner, Alex Lavergne, both refused to take polygraph tests on advice of counsel. In a message on my blog, Alex Lavergne denies this. Who is lying, the Montreal Police or Alex Lavergne?
I have told the police that I will take a polygraph test at any time.
The truth. A woman I know who has a very responsible position in a Montreal hospital told me one day a few months ago that it is not always necessary to tell the truth. I was surprised to hear her say that. But I shouldn't have been. People in authority everywhere lie all the time. Truth is risky. People fear it. I am not above fear. I am a coward. I am afraid all the time. But I have a spirit that will not let me rest unless I tell the truth.
In the case against Dawn McSweeney, In October 1996, the Montreal Police at the Mariette Station told me that everything Dawn stole from me would be returned if I would just be patient.
In February, 1997, Dawn McSweeney's mother, my sister, Debbie, told me that all my belongings would be returned to me if I would be patient, but if I tried to get my things back without her, I would be responsible for killing my mother and my father. I was not patient, but I held back in the hope that my belongings would be returned to me. Now, fourteen years later, Dawn McSweeney is still free to enjoy all my possessions.
A Montreal Police officer helped Dawn McSweeney to rob me and, to this day, the Montreal Police still refuse to do anything to recover my belongings or to pursue a criminal case against Dawn McSweeney and her partners in crime. I believe there is just one reason why the police refuse to take any action in this case. It is has been one cover-up after another all the way up the Montreal Police ladder starting from the day the police officer helped Dawn rob me without any legal procedure and without any justification.

In March, 1997, Dawn McSweeney returned everything of mine that she did not want. She kept all my valuables and everything of sentimental value left to me by my beloved husband.
So, day and night, in spite of my ruined health, I write reports about Dawn McSweeney's crimes as I search for people who truly believe in truth and justice.
I have told the truth about Dawn McSweeney - but not the whole truth. All these years, I have kept silent about why Dawn McSweeney hated me so much. Yes, she was furious about my choosing to become a Christian. Yes, she was jealous of my place in my father's esteem. Yes, she was angry because I spoke out against her violent and crude behaviour when she was a teenager. But there is more and, to this day, I have withheld what is probably the underlying reason for her hatred. I have wrestled with this truth for a long time. It is hard to tell.
What have I not reported? Dawn's relationship with her father when she was a young girl. I will not elaborate here but I have reported what I know about it to the authorities today.
When I found out about it in 1992, I protested. Dawn's parents told me that I was "old fashioned" and I should mind my own business or I would no longer be welcome in their home. Dawn despised me for speaking out. And so was born the hatred that Dawn McSweeney satisfied by stealing everything I treasured - with the help of the Montreal Police.
Not only did the police give Dawn McSweeney carte blanche to steal everything of value that I owned, but the actions of the police in removing me from my home without any legal process or recourse, gave Dawn McSweeney the position she had envied all her life. She took my place in the family. She took over my aged parents' lives and all their property.
My parents were totally under the control of Dawn McSweeney and her entourage. There was nowhere for them to turn for help because all the rest of the family had been ostracized and alienated as a direct result of Dawn's lies and manipulations and, because of my mother's mental illness, they never had any friends.
When the police told me in March, 1997, to go to the house and ask for my jewellery, Dawn McSweeney stood inside the house laughing at me and mocking me as I stood crying and pleading on the icy steps. And then Dawn McSweeney called the police. The same officers who had just told me to go to the house and ask for my jewellery came and told me to leave. And Dawn McSweeney revelled in my loss and my humiliation. The Montreal Police gave Dawn McSweeney everything she ever wanted. My life.
Should I fear Dawn and her "partners in crime"? My struggle to get justice damaged my immune system. I have bone cancer. I am afraid all the time. But what are we if we let fear stop us from speaking the truth? No one is safe in a society where the police help thieves and crush their victims and where lying is accepted as normal.

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