Saturday, January 9, 2010

It is after 4:00 AM on Saturday, January 9, 2010 as I begin this piece.
I am discovering that it is not really "survival of the fittest" that explains why I am still fighting for justice at the age of 73. It is survival of the most stubborn.
I have been struck down by crime and disease and injustice and losses too many to describe here, but somehow I am still up and fighting for justice through the night.
Why ?
Because the more I see cruelty, corruption, neglect, despair, greed and suffering, the angrier I become. My enemies - and I have just a few I think -  who might still be foolish enough to think that, when they try to hurt me, they weaken me, have made a terrible error in judgement. Their crimes and cruelty have strengthened me as I was never strong before.
Looking back, I see that I have been fighting injustice since I was in elementary school - the proverbial but true - bringing home stray puppies, birds with injured wings, the boy that the popular girl insulted. I have always been hurt by the suffering of others and I have always done something to try to make it better.
My picture seen at the top of this piece is from the cover of my book entitled,
A PORTRAIT OF ASGAR AND THE PLIGHT OF KASHMIR. This is the true story of a brilliant but very modest son of Kashmir who sought me out in the mid-1960's after reading many of my Letters to the Editors in the Montreal  Star and The Gazette. I was moved to tell his story of the tragedy that has hung over that beautiful land for generations. I wrote a book - a little book, but one jammed with history, facts, and feelings. I did something.
Rather than repeat my experiences here, I invite the reader to turn to my blogs for all the details. (see below).
Read about the robbery that destroyed my family - a robbery that deprived me of everything I had worked for all my life and everything left to me by my beloved husband. A robbery that tore apart our family and led to further crimes that turned over to the "partners in crime" everything that my father had worked for all his life. A robbery that could not have succeeded without the help of the Montreal Police and the irresponsibility and corruption and incompetence of our Canadian, Quebec and Montreal "Injustice System".
Read about How We Might Die In Hospital: How a well-respected emergency room physician at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal sent me home to die. At this writing, the case of Dr. Jerome Stasiak is under review but, to date, I have heard nothing but excuses. I will not let this be covered up. If I had obeyed Dr. Stasiak's  orders, I would not be writing this. I would have died in April, 2009.
Most of all, know this: Silence implies consent, and truth is the most powerful weapon on earth and, I expect, in the universe. Tyrants - major and minor - fear truth more than anything, even when it is spoken or written by the weakest among us.
I am fighting bone cancer and I am fighting powers and principalities and yes, I am fighting evil. I am fighting wrong and fear and coldness and corrupt systems and people who have authority but no sense of individual responsibility or care for others.
But, note, I am fighting - because, somehow I have been graced with a gift that drove my parents to distraction - stubbornness. I thank God for my stubbornness.
Let justice roll down like waters,
And righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.    Amos 5:24
Justice, only justice shalt thou pursue.  Deuteronomy 16.20
Powers and principalities.  Ephesians 6:12

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