Monday, December 7, 2009



Kathleen WEIL

This is a photograph of Kathleen Weil. The Quebec National Assembly web site tells us that she is the representative for the riding of Notre Dame de Grace in Montreal.

The reason I am posting this picture is because I don't know if anyone in NDG has ever seen her or heard from her. The Quebec Government web site tells us that she was elected on December 8, 2008 and that she holds the portfolio of Minister of Justice.
During the year from December 2008, to December 2009, I have sent a number of emails concerning matters of justice and injustice to, but I have never heard from her. My emails always receive an automated response.
Perhaps I am the only member of the community of NDG who has never seen or heard from the young lady, but I would be interested in knowing what exactly it is she does for a living.
Since MNA Russell Copeman retired from the job, has NDG had anyone representing us in the Quebec Legislature ? I know Russell had his shortcomings. Maybe he was just too nice a guy to fight for our rights and needs, but we did see him from time to time - and he was always nice.
I imagine this pretty lady is nice too.  But what exactly is it that she does for NDG ? For justice ? Anything ?
Phyllis Carter

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