Saturday, October 6, 2018


Considering that it is difficult for rape victims to prove they have been assaulted as rape is not usually committed with an audience in America - although it is common in other countries - we must seek qualified witnesses who will make themselves available to testify for victims. These witnesses should have special training and professional accreditation with certificates authorized by the highest courts, universities, churches, mosques, temples and synagogues.

When a woman is about to be raped, she must first call the Professional Rape Witnesses Hotline and ensure that at least two Rape Witnesses are on the scene at the time when the rape is going to take place.

The Rape Witnesses will take videos of the rape and sign an official document declaring that they have witnessed the crime with their own eyes.

Rape Witnesses will have equal authority to Supreme Court Justices and will therefore hold the highest power in the land.

In future, rape victims will be prepared to be questioned and they will no longer be treated like liars, idiots and whores.

If you feel qualified to become a professional Rape Witness, please bring this proposal to your members of government, your church, temple, mosque and synagogue and get this show on the road in the name of Justice. 

Women have been abused by beastly men around the world for centuries. It must stop now.

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