Thursday, August 3, 2017


Immigration lawyer Cynthia Santiago and Univision reporter Fernando Peinado recount Stephen Miller's history.
Stephen Miller's former classmate Cynthia Santiago, now an immigration defense lawyer, calls it "very unsettling" and "frightening" that Miller is now in a position of authority in the White House, given his views and behavior in school.

Some of Stephen Miller's family members have a problem with the Trump administration as well as their relative's role in it, and have been making their feelings known on their personal Facebook pages.
"With all familial affection, I wish Stephen career success and personal happiness, however I cannot endorse his political preferences," Miller's uncle David S. Glosser wrote in a lengthy comment on the Johnstown, Pennsylvania, newspaper Tribune-Democrat's Facebook page in November, in response to a story about Miller's roots in the area. Stephen's mother, Miriam (Glosser) Miller, who is David's sister, grew up in Johnstown with her family.
"The Glosser family escaped Europe as dirt poor immigrants, joined the community, built businesses, and honestly sold goods to their fellow Johnstowners," Glosser wrote. "My nephew and I must both reflect long and hard on one awful truth. If in the early 20th century the USA had built a wall against poor desperate ignorant immigrants of a different religion, like the Glossers, all of us would have gone up the crematoria chimneys with the other six million kinsmen whom we can never know."


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Phyllis Carter said...

Other members of Miller's extended maternal family chimed in on the post, one even noting that at least they did not share the Trump adviser's last name.