Sunday, January 22, 2017


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" Women's March " against Trump ????? Really ?????
If they honestly cared about women, they would protest against barbaric Sharia Law and the horrific treatment of women in Islam. Millions of women and children are being abused, beaten, raped, burnt and killed in Islamic countries...... the 10 worst countries for women are all Islamic....Why don't they ever protest against that ????? How about the execution of gays in Islam ??? HYPOCRITES …


Phyllis Carter said...

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Selene Y said...

Before protesting against Sharia law I protest against the way First Nation and African descent women are treated. In North Dakota women and men are being water bombed, chases by attack dogs, shot at with rubber bullets, jailed because they want to protect the water. In Canada First Nation women have been sexually assaulted by police the police got off in many cases her word against mine ... Murdered and Missing Indigenous women cases go unsolved why? Is that not barbaric and disgusting .... By focusing on Sharia law we do not see what Americans and Canadian Laws are doing to First Nations and African descent WOMEN.