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On February 5, 2010, a letter appeared in The Montreal Gazette claiming that Irwin Cotler deserves the Nobel Prize. The letter is signed by Gil Troy of McGill University . The writer states:  I asserted my few powers as an historian and nominated my colleague and friend, the human rights activist, former Canadian Justice Minister and Attorney General, and current Member of the Canadian Parliament, Professor Irwin Cotler, for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.
I question Irwin Cotler's motives and therefore his eligibility for the prize. On
January 2, 2010, I wrote to Irwin Cotler once again, as follows:
Mr. Cotler,
A person of your stature is involved with justice on a vast scale. Do you care about justice for one family?
I have been struggling for justice for more than a decade. We are in nobody's jurisdiction, no one's responsibility. Marlene Jennings has said publicly that my rights were violated three times. Russell Copeman took a stab at putting things right. But all these years later, the criminals who destroyed my family are still free. I am 73 years old now and fighting cancer, but I will fight for justice to my last breath. Do you care ?
I invite you to have a look at my blog -
Phyllis Carter
There was, as usual, no reply.
I believe that Irwin Cotler is out for personal glory. He is not interested in the rights of the ordinary individual.
"When Andrei Sakharov or Anatoly Sharansky needed defending from the Soviet Union, Professor Cotler was there for them. When Nelson Mandela needed help in South Africa, Professor Cotler was there for him."
But fighting for these outstanding world figures would bring Mr. Cotler personal fame and glory.
When I begged Irwin Cotler for help in my own human rights case years ago, he just brushed me off in a polite letter saying my case was "not in his jurisdiction". Mr. Cotler had the authority to help me, but he chose not to. I am not a Mandella or a Sharansky. I am just a Canadian crime victim abused by a system that looks the other way, and Cotler had little to gain for himself by helping me. 
The article says Cotler has been  " ... a spur to democrats, never fearing to criticize Western "free countries" when they fail to treat each and every individual with dignity."
That only applies if you are someone who can bring Irwin Cotler more personal recognition, not if you are an ordinary victim of abuse by our own injustice system.
Russell Copeman, M.N.A. acknowledged that my rights had been abused and he wrote a letter appealing for justice in my case. Marlene Jennings, M.P. twice acknowledged in public, that my rights had been violated three times. But Irwin Cotler is not interested.
The article quotes the Bible: "Justice, justice, ye shall pursue." That would be Deuteronomy 16:20. It is my motto.
I don't want any medals or money. I just want justice - for myself and so many other victims whose voices are never heard because no one has anything to gain by helping us.
Phyllis Carter

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